Product Information

What is Skim-eeze?
A stationary pool skimming device that uses the pool's circular flow of water to automatically gather free flowing debris in the pool.

How does Skim-eeze work?
Skim-eeze inserts into the skimmer port in the pool wall.  Debris is then collected and stored in net until user discards.

Is Skim-eeze easy to install/remove?
The skimming device is one piece and light weight, which makes insertion and removal quick and easy.

Will Skim-eeze work in any pool?
Skim-eeze will fit most pools.  The symmetrical shape allows it to be used in any pool regardless of the pools direction of water flow.

Can I be assured the device won't move?
Yes. There is a tab that extends approximately 1 1/2 inches from the finger clamps to prevents the skimmer from moving.
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